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Wallpaper Removal!

wallpaper removal

Removing Wallpaper SUX!

First, there's the easy kind. It comes off in big sheets. It's funny how nobody ever calls me for the easy kind.

And then there's the hard kind. It comes off in teeny postage stamps.

And then there's the IMPOSSIBLE kind! You could be in serious trouble.


Those Tiger Paw Things Do NOT Work!

They make hundreds of tiny holes. But you can't get enough of the stripper chemical in!


I Know How!

wallpaper removal

First, I know how to remove the top layer, the printed layer. Hard to believe that somebody once liked this pattern enough to pay good money for it!

Then I use a steamer to remove that brown paper bag stuff.

If you see white paper, or you see no paper because it stuck to the postage stamps you DID remove, then you ARE in serious trouble!

Then I patch the gouges you made in your drywall.


But I Will NOT Apply New Wallpaper!

Call Somebody Else!

I HATE wallpaper. It's my mission in life to eradicate ALL wallpaper from the planet, one room at a time.

P.S.: That's not me. He's a paid actor. At least I HOPE somebody paid him!


My Rates

This job falls under my hourly rates. There is a minimum charge of $99, which includes the first two hours. Then the rate drops to $39 an hour. Plus there is a service call fee for distant locations.

So, to get an estimate, you must estimate how many hours your job might take. Pull out your stove or fridge and try to remove a square foot or two.

  1. Did your printed paper come off in a big sheet? Then you have the easy kind. Estimate four feet per hour of a 7-foot high wall.
  2. Otherwise, you pulled off postage stamps. I hope you saw brown-paper-bag paper. If not, then you have the impossible kind. You are in trouble. It can take an hour to clear only one foot of a 7-foot wall. Be prepared for a very expensive bill.
  3. If you saw brown paper, then you must have the hard kind, but not the impossible kind. Estimate two hours per foot.

I can come look, but this is not a free estimate; it's consulting. I will come ready to work. If you want, I can start right away, and not charge for any consulting time. But if you send me away, I will charge $25 for the trip.


Registered Home Improvement Contractor
with the PA Attorney General: PA077766


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