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This Is One Job You Gotta Do RIGHT!

If you do it wrong, it could end up on the floor!

You also have to have it LEVEL! Only a few degrees of tilt will be obvious on a wide TV.

Read this page and learn:

  • Shopping tips for wall mounts.
  • Two essential "options" that are NOT optional!
  • How to hide wires.
  • My excellently low rates!


Shopping Tips: Two Main Styles

articulated tv mountflat tv mount

You can have an articulated arm that lets you pull the TV away from the wall and make it point anywhere.

The other one mounts flat against the wall. Most allow some tilting up and down, but no tilting left and right.


Flat Mount

Here's a flat mount bracket. Most allow some up and down tilt.

Tilting can reduce the glare from a window. Tilting is not an issue if there is no window.

Notice the wide base against the wall. It can easily span two studs.



A GOOD articulated bracket has that same wide base against the wall.

Don't Get One With A Narrow Base! Here's what I don't understand:
Some articulated ones have a very narrow wall base plate that can only be screwed into one stud. WHY!!! When you have a heavy TV reaching out into the room, WHY on earth would they give you such a narrow base? The heavy TV will be exerting quite a bit of leverage. That much pressure could CRUSH drywall!

If you need articulation, get one with a wide wall plate. Remember, your TV is so big nobody will ever see the wall mount. So you get no style points for a tiny wall plate.


NON-Optional Options

Don't Forget A Shelf!

Your newTV looks beautiful, hanging on the wall. But where are your DVR, DVD player, and game console? Are they still on the floor? Do their wires reach up to the TV?

You need a shelf. These devices need to be near the TV, because people tend to shoot their clickers at the TV, not at that DVR that's still on the floor.


A Surge Protector!

You have one at your computer. Why not here?

Did your TV cost more than your computer? DOESN'T MATTER! Both cost more than a surge protector!

Plus, there's room to plug in SIX things!


One Last Detail: Hide Your Wires!

Method 1: Quick, Easy, And Cheap

tv wire hiding

It's easy to hide that unsightly mess. This Peel-N-Press method is easier than hiding your wires inside the wall!

It's good enough for most people, and is way cheaper.

You just peel some paper off the back and press the sticky side to the wall.

If you have a lot of wires, you can buy the wider and flatter version.

You can paint them, too.


Method 2: A Better Solution

tv wire hidingtv wire hiding

All you see in this picture is two things plugged in, and one of them is for that cable box.

You see no wires between that cable box and the TV.

I am not a real electrician, but that's OK, because I do not tamper with your house's wiring. I don't even need to flip a circuit breaker! I just have to plug something in!

My upper unit gives you a place to plug in your TV. And a neat hole where we can drop your low voltage wires. Those excessive dangling wires will be pushed into the wall.

My lower unit has a wire to plug into your existing wall outlet. And you can see those low voltage wires peeping out at the bottom.

You should have a small table to hide the lower unit, which will also be a good place to put your DVR.

I need a hollow wall. This won't work above a fireplace or on a brick wall.


My Rates

Base Rate

The base rate is $98 for one TV, and $78 for a second TV.

I take cash (of course), checks, and credit / debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex).

This is for a standard installation on drywall walls. It's harder to find the studs in plaster walls, and it's harder to drill into brick, so they have an extra $20 charge.

Plus, there may be a service call fee. I live near Ross Park Mall. If you live out as far as Monroeville, Cranberry, Robinson, or Mt. Lebanon, there is a fee. if you want two or three TV's hung, you only pay the distance fee once.

Mounting Brackets

You can provide your own bracket, or I can provide one.

If you provide a used one, be sure it has ALL of the original hardware, not just what was needed the last time it was used. If I can't use your bracket, you must pay $25 plus the service call fee (if any), for the wasted trip. Or, you can buy one of my brackets.

Also, if you are providing an articulated bracket, assembly can be quite involved. I charge $20 to assemble your bracket. Alternatively, you can assemble it before I arrive.

I carry these brackets:

  • Small: Suitable for a small TV in a kid's room, $19.
  • Flat Tilting: $39.
  • Flat NON-Tilting: $29.
  • Articulated: $59

Wire Hiding

Hiding your wires straight down inside a hollow wall costs $129, including the hardware.

Hiding your wires using a surface mount kit including ten feet of wire hider with two turns costs $40. A straight shot with no turns is $20.


I can hang a sound bar or a shelf for $20.

I can provide a surge protector for $25. You can go buy one yourself. But PLEASE... Don't 'Get around to it some day.'


Registered Home Improvement Contractor
with the PA Attorney General: PA077766


Copyright Kenneth R. Whitaker 2020

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