A Pittsburgh Handyman,
With A Few Specialties...


Nobody EVER Has Enough Storage!


Gain attic access!

How much storage space are you wasting because of that small trap door they gave you?

I bet it's in a closet, above a shelf, right?

You may not need to go as far as folding stairs.

A bigger trap door in a hallway might be enough. Use your stepladder to get in.


Are You Wasting Garage Space?

Do you hang your garden tools from a board? That wastes an entire wall! You could put shelves there if you had a better place for those tools!

Are you using the space above your car?


Consider A Shed!

Sheds hide a TON of stuff!

Are you trying to sell your home? Hide your junk, show a roomier garage and basement, then take your shed with you when you move.

I can help you assemble your shed. Call me.


Registered Home Improvement Contractor
with the PA Attorney General: PA077766


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