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The Big Example, Continued

These are more pictures of the 'Big Example' on the previous page, where the site was leveled by a landscaper.

Monkey bars, three swings plus a tire swing, cargo net, ladder, long slide, picnic table.


At A Boat Club, On A River.

Both the long slide and the standard slide. Wooden roof. Balcony overlooking the river.

Three sling swings plus a baby swing.

Anonymous kid with blurred face, I promise you, is smiling! Used with permission.



Everything but the kitchen sink, I mean, wooden roof.

TWO long slides! Good for racing!

Rocket glider AND tire swing! Only room for one beyond the 'A'!

Monkey bars, too!



Nothing extra. Once I build the basic set, it's easy for you to add things later.

Still, this is a huge set. You can climb up in there with your kids.

IF there's enough room after all the neighborhood kids climb in!


Tight Space

Tight space, but we squeezed it in.

Dad says, 'The play set is great, Leo loves it! Thanks for getting it done so quick today.'


Even Tighter!

Tiny lot in the city. But we managed.

Had to shorten the swing beam.

Still had room for the long slide (off the balcony) and monkey bars.

The old lady next door says she hates the noise, but I think the sound of kids' laughter is keeping her young.


A Few More Samples

Here are a few more, showing different combinations of options and layouts.

There are many more, but these pictures do get repetitive.

Besides, there is only ONE set that's important, and that's the one in YOUR kids' backyard!


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