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Kitchen Jobs!


Reverse Your Fridge Doors

This fridge's doors are WRONG!

It would be so nice to open the door, get a few things out and set them on the counter, and close the door.

On shopping day, it would be nice to put several things on the counter, open the door once, and put everything in.

But you have to walk AROUND this open door!

Imagine these doors reversed! You wouldn't even have to move your feet!


Hook Up An Ice Maker

So you moved into your new house, and THEN realized that you could not hook up your ice maker. There is no water supply line.

I'd LOVE to come and take a look.

I can probably run a new line and hook it up!

You can have ice again! Without playing with those messy trays!


Install An Ice Maker

You bought a fridge that didn't have an ice maker.


If you see a wire connection plug like this, your fridge is READY!


Broken Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Broken drawer fronts?

Drawers off the track?

Doors won't stay shut?

I've seen it all!


Registered Home Improvement Contractor
with the PA Attorney General: PA077766


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