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How Much?

Here's a table showing all the list prices:





Base Price

2949 1499 1499


Monkey Bars 261 130  
Baby Swing 43 43 43
Extra Swing 42 42 42
Trapeze Swing 35 35 35
Rocket Glider 120 FREE 120
Tire Swing 149 149 149
Disc Swing 30 30 30
Extra Hangers (pair) 20 20 20
Anchors (pair) 58 58 58


There are up to four extra charges, depending on your particular case.



There is a surcharge for distance. I am near Ross Park Mall.

It is time consuming and expensive to haul all this lumber over multiple trips to distant places like Greensburg, Butler, or Washington. It's only fair that people in these distant locations should pay more than people that are more local. And it's only fair that local people shouldn't have to pay as much as distant people, but they should pay something.

I have a formula that takes into account the distance, the travel time, and the expected number of trips.



Difficult Access

There can be a surcharge for difficult access. I like to drive right up to the work site and work out of my van.

It's not as nice if I have to carry everything in, up a hill, through a gate, across a big field, etc.

We're talking about a LOT of wood.

And a lot of trips back and forth to the van. There are a lot of tools, and it's quite a scramble when it starts to rain.

It can also be a problem if I have to drive up a steep hill. Maybe you can drive your car into your back yard. But can I drive a front-wheel drive van, pulling a heavy load? Downhill is usually not a problem, but it can be when it's time to leave.

If I can drive right up to the work site and work out of my van, there will be no surcharge for difficult access.


Minor Site Leveling

Plus, there can be a charge for minor site leveling.

The Tower

I build the tower, and then use a level to see how bad it's leaning. The bubble doesn't have to be cleanly between the level's two hairlines. But the bubble must be partly into that area.

If the tower is leaning (They ALL lean. We live in Pittsburgh after all), I can usually place a plank, or a 2x4, or a plank AND a 2x4 under the low side, and proceed. But if it takes a tall stack of lumber to get your tower level, the tower would not be very stable.

Rather than raising the low end, you can also dig out some dirt from the high end. You can do this for free, or I can do it for you for a fee.

And you can do both. Put a 2x4 under the low end AND dig out a little dirt from the high end.

The Slide

It's not as critical for the slide, within limits.

If your ground slopes downhill as you go away from the tower, the slide will be steeper and faster. It's not a problem until it's TOO steep.

Or, if your ground slopes uphill as you go away from the tower, the slide will be slower. If it's too slow, your kid will just sit there, give up, and walk down.

The Swing Beam

The swing beam can be adjusted. You can lower the beam by spreading out the feet of the "A". You can raise the beam by bringing the feet of the "A" closer together, although you lose stability as you do. 

If your site is level, there is no surcharge.


What's Next?

It's your turn!

Send me your pictures, and give me a call. I'll calculate your charges and help you place your order.

I'll send you a work order. If you like it, print it out, sign it, and return it with your deposit.

When I receive your completed order, I'll place you in line.

Place your order as soon as possible. Last year we had a one-month backlog.

Thank you in advance!



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Mama Bear
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How Much?


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