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Gutter Fillers!

Quit cleaning your gutters! Keep your feet firmly on the ground while you watch ME clean your gutters,
One Last Time!


I will clean your gutters One Last Time!

I will even snake out your downspouts.


Then I'll fill your gutters.

This is a porous sponge that lets water flow right through.

Actually, "Sponge" is not the best word. It makes you think about a car-washing sponge that holds water.

This is more like a furnace filter. Water runs right through it.


Leaves Cannot Get In!

Leaves, pine needles and helicopter seeds cannot get into your gutter if your gutter is already full.

Your leaves will lie on top, dry up, and blow away.

This particular gutter is on a sun room. It's not a normally shaped gutter. Gutter Helmet couldn't do the job because the opening was too narrow.

I had no problem. I squeezed the filler a little, and it fit right in.


Better Than Gutter Helmet

Their web site promises that leaves and twigs cannot get in.

But smaller stuff DOES get in! Why else would they promise to keep coming out to clean your gutters? Lifetime! Forever!

Small stuff doesn't get in, but it can clog that slot.

Gutter Helmets also cause icicles. They now offer a heat cable to solve the problem. Read about their 'Self-regulating heat cable' Gutter Helmet FAQ


Cheaper Than Gutter Helmet, Too!

Gutter Helmet can cost between $15 and $22 per foot. You should call them for an estimate to find out the exact price for your home.

The average smallish ranch home is about 40 feet long. If there are no complications (two straight gutters with no angles, one story, level ground and a walkable roof slope), we'll assume their lower price:
80 feet of gutter, at $15 per foot, is $1,200!

For bigger houses, their price can go through the roof! I have seen ads where they offer a $500 coupon and a payment plan.

My system begins at only $5 per foot. I could do that same house for only $400! If I gave you a $500 coupon, I would have to pay YOU!

And remember, that includes One Final Gutter cleaning!


Registered Home Improvement Contractor
with the PA Attorney General: PA077766


Copyright Kenneth R. Whitaker 2020

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