A Pittsburgh Handyman,
With A Few Specialties...


I LOVE To Assemble and Install

Go out and buy a paddle fan at Home Depot, Lowes, or anywhere else. I will assemble it and install it for you.

Here are some shopping tips:


Be Bold! Get The Big One!

ceiling fanceiling fan

The big ones are 52 inches. That's 26 inches from the center to the outer edge.

Many people fear that the big one won't fit in their bedroom or bathroom, but they never check, and end up buying the smaller one.

Man, they coulda had the big one!

Just make sure that the blades won't hit any shower curtains, dresser mirrors, or wall-mounted TVs.

Small fan. Big mistake.


Worry About The Height!

ceiling fan

If you have a low ceiling, don't buy a fan with a down rod.

Many fans have a down rod but also allow mounting up against the ceiling.

Huge ceiling? Long down rod.
Normal ceiling? Short down rod.
Low ceiling? No down rod.


Get A Bigger Footprint

ceiling fanceiling fan

When I take down the old fan, you will see a dirty mark.

Actually, you will see a CLEAN mark! The rest of the ceiling is what got dirty! And you can't touch up right near the new fan. The paint you saved won't match the dirty ceiling. It might be time to paint the whole ceiling while you're at it!

OR, you could just buy the one with the big footprint!


Just ONE???

You may be calling me to replace an old noisy fan. While I am there, consider letting me add more fans to rooms that don't have fans. You save if I can do two or three on one trip.

Do your bedrooms have ceiling lights? Does your dining room have an outdated chandelier? Do your bathrooms and kitchen all have fans?


Existing Fans and Existing Lights

If I am replacing an old light fixture, the box may or may not be strong enough to hold a fan.

Your light weighs one pound. Your fan weighs a lot more. Plus, it's a moving object. I might have to replace your box.

If I am replacing an old fan, the box in the ceiling is probably strong enough to hold the new fan.

If your ceiling has no fixture, you should call an electrician.


Remote Control!

fan remote

Imagine lying in bed, wishing the fan were on. Just grab your remote and click a button!

Imagine some poor schlub without a remote having to get out of bed.

Some let you dim the lights, too, in case you want to change the mood. You can't do that at all with that pull chain!


My Rates

Base Rate

I charge $98 per fan.

I take cash (of course), checks, and credit / debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex).

I live near Ross Park Mall. If you live out as far as Monroeville, Cranberry, Robinson, Or Mt. Lebanon, there is a service call fee.

Box Replacement

Some electricians charge $75 to replace a box. And they usually do replace it. Why? Money!

It turns out that many boxes are strong enough, especially if the fan is lightweight. Remember that during new construction, the original electrician attached this box to a heavy joist using two big nails. You would need a small crowbar to get this box out.

I will inspect your box, and let you inspect it too. If you decide to replace it, I charge $49, including the new bracket.

Remote Control

I can add a remote to a basic fan for $59. You could buy a fan that has a built-in remote, but they cost a lot more than a basic fan plus $59.


Registered Home Improvement Contractor
with the PA Attorney General: PA077766


Copyright Kenneth R. Whitaker 2020

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