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The PRE-PRE-Season Has Begun!!!!

Place a Pre-Season order, and reserve your spot in line for the new year.

We normally ask half down and half when complete. But during the pre-season, we only ask for a quarter down.

But through January, it's not even PRE-Season yet! It's PRE-PRE-Season!The website is still showing LAST YEAR'S PRICES!

January: Pre-Pre-Season: Last year's prices and only 25% down.
February: Pre-season: This year's prices, but only 25% down.
March: Open For Business!

It all starts with an email.

swing set

Your kids want a big swing set? 

Buy one at the store and go crazy assembling it!

And your set will be made of cedar. And CEDAR SUCKS!

Or let me BUILD you a new set.

My sets are SOLID!

You can climb up in there with your kids!

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TV Wall Mounts!

tv mounttv mount

This is one job that you gotta do RIGHT!

Do it wrong, and your TV could be crooked.

It might even end up on the floor!

Optional wire hiding, too!

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Ceiling Fans!

ceiling fan

One over your bed is the BEST!

One in your bathroom is good when you're damp!

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assemble bedassemble chest
assemble deskassemble table

You can do it yourself and save some money. But you'll spend that money on Tylenol, bourbon, and marriage counseling.

I LOVE to assemble things! You HATE it! Let's talk!

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I can assemble any vinyl or steel shed
you can buy at any store...

assemble shedassemble shed

...IF you let me build it on a Solid Floor!

assemble shedNEVER assemble a shed right on the ground!
Most floor Kits are NOT good enough!
Do this and you won't even need their optional floor kit!

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I Install Fireplace Mantels!


Buy your mantel anywhere you want. I will install it for you!

Just the shelf or full surround. Brick walls not a problem.

Sorry, I only work with wood; not marble, stone, etc.


Dryer Vents!

clean dryer ventburning dryer vent

Let Me Clean Your Dryer Vent

Is your dryer taking longer than it used to? It's not because it's getting old!

You're just making it work harder!

Let me clean your dryer vent.

WAY Cheaper Than A House Fire!!!

A better idea:

Don't just CLEAN your dryer vent!

Let me REPLACE it with one that WILL NOT BURN!!!

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gazebo collapse

You gotta take it down for the winter, or Mother Nature will do it for you!

You just remove the canvas. The frame stays up.

I can take it down for you, and replace it in the spring.

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Gutter Fillers!

Let me clean your gutters ONE LAST TIME!!!!

How can leaves get in your gutters if your gutters are already filled with my fillers??

gutter fillergutter filler


You Can't Sell Your Home?

It's not the economy. That's a big part of it, of course, but that can't be all of it.

You see other houses moving. Why not yours?

I know WHY. I can TELL you why...

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Nobody EVER Has Enough Storage!

You don't have to go this far, but I can help.


How much space are you wasting in your basement?

How easy is it to get into your attic? CAN you get into your attic?

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Kitchen Jobs

  • Reverse your fridge doors.
  • Hook up your ice maker.
  • Install a space-saving under-cabinet microwave, can opener, or radio.
  • Repair broken cabinet doors and drawers.

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Bath Jobs

You don't have $10,000 for a complete do-over? But there are MANY easy improvements.

Grandma found a new grab bar? And pulled out the TP holder?

No Outlet? How do you dry your hair?

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  • Install grab bars.
  • Install a second handrail. Dual handrails are amazing.
  • Install new lever-style door knobs.
  • Child-proof your home.
  • Child-proof Grandma's house, too.



wallpaper removal

Wallpaper Removal!

You started it.

You can't finish it.

You can't leave it like this.

Call me!

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Hanging Things!

  • Install mini blinds and vertical blinds.
  • Install curtain rods.
  • Hang pictures and shelves.


Odd Jobs

  • Install a pet door to your basement, and he can 'GO' downstairs.
  • Fix your door bell.
  • I can adjust bi-fold doors so they open and close smoothly.


My Rates

Some jobs (swing sets, dryer vents, TV mounts, fans) have fixed prices. See their respective pages.

Everything else falls under this schedule:

The minimum charge is $98, which covers the first two hours.
Then it drops to an hourly rate of $39 per hour, by quarter hours.

Plus, there may be a distance charge. I live near Ross Park Mall. If you live out as far as Monroeville, Cranberry, Robinson, or Mt. Lebanon, there is a service call fee.



Ken Whitaker, HDM

Registered Home Improvement Contractor
with the PA Attorney General: PA077766


Copyright Kenneth R. Whitaker 2020

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